Qifeng’s Bio

Ex-Principle designer & Senior Manager in Nokia Research Center,
Ph.D., Media Lab, Univ.of Art and Design Helsinki, (Aalto Univ.)
Finland, Certified computer system analyst by ETS of USA. Qifeng got
the 1st Prize of the 1st TCL National Student Industrial Design
Competition during his MSc. study. He joined Nokia Finland in 2004,
and worked in Nokia Design, Symbian platform, Venture Organization and
Research Center. In 2008 ,he is awarded as “China’s Top10 young
designers” and “China’s Top10 Brand Managers”. Qifeng was expated to
Shenzhen to set up Nokia Shenzhen innovation Studio. Because of his
achievements in mobie service&device innovation, nano tech application
and Asian language input, he won Red-dot2011 “Best of the Best” Award
and IDEA 2008&2009 Awards. In the recent 5 years, he has 7 papers
published, 15 invention patents granted and gave 5 conference keynote
speeches. His research interests include new media and gaming,
multi-modality interaction, wearable computing, open source HW and
design service platform, and smart senior care. He bring the team to
Hunan University to set up Media Lab(Shenzhen) in the end of 2012.
Innovation and Entrepreneurship oriented education is now carried out
here. Several start-ups in the lab have received A-round investment or
big-volume product orders.

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