Lucas’ Bio

Found TMI Holding Corp ( as to incubate and invest in Internet/Mobile startups in Taiwan, HK, Malaysia and etc. And, now, we help startups to build HARDWARE! Check it out here: to be systematically providing service to startups, smaller teams who is doing hardware + software projects, we built this platform. It is the trusted crowdfunding platform for digital hardware, because only HWTrek pairs project teams with manufacturing and design experts who help guide the projects from concept to production, delivering a high quality product at scale, on time and on budget, to hardware enthusiasts excited to back promising product innovations.

Logistica.Asia ( a hardware acceleration program targets to serve mobile related hardware startups in early stage for DFM, manufacture outsource, logistic and sales channels in Asia. Target: light hardware + software startups, less $0.5m capital received and just about to mess product its products. Service: 

1) 5 years in Telecom company for business development and the director of a new division (internal startup).

2) 7 years in a China focused US venture fund, starting from Senior associate, Principal to Partner. Now taking care of TMT, Cleantech and technology embedded industry, mostly in China.

3) A co-investment partner in Kai-Fu Lee’s new venture, Innovation Works ( since early 2010.
Internet/mobile business investment review and business development. 

4) Well US trained, In-depth Taiwan IT experience, China market/network established. 

5) Good at Venture/strategy investment in tech related fields, also, capable of new business development and execution.

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