Mike’s Bio

Mike is co-founder and CEO of Glow. Prior to co-founding Glow, Mike was the executive vice president of Slide Asia, where he built and ran the company’s first international division in China. Mike also created Slide’s top revenue generating virtual property, leading to its acquisition by Google in 2010. After the acquisition, Mike joined the Google team as the director of product management. Mike holds a Masters in Operations Research & Applied Statistics from North Carolina State University.

About Glow

Glow is a data science company redesigning health insurance and has two components – a mobile app that provides a better way to get pregnant, and Glow First, an optional not-for-profit program that helps users fund elective fertility treatments.

By asking women to track their fertility data in the app, Glow delivers personalized recommendations and statistics based on users’ (and the anonymized crowd’s) data. In the Glow First program participants contribute $50/month, for 10 months – the average duration of time it takes a woman to conceive. To offset the high cost of fertility treatments, the contribution pool is equally divided amongst any participants who were unsuccessful with a natural pregnancy after 10 months. Payment is made directly to the fertility clinic of the user’s choice to help pay for fertility treatments.

Glow decided to tackle fertility first because the company feels it is one of the most underserved areas in healthcare (nearly all states consider fertility treatments elective), but speaking to the long-term vision, Glow hopes to become the first beloved health insurance company.

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