Soujanya’s Bio

Soujanya is CEO and co-founder of Cooliris, which is creating the world’s best experience for the navigation and discovery of content. Cooliris is
Soujanya’s third start-up. Soujanya is passionate about building great teams to create products that contribute awesomeness to
the world.

Prior to Cooliris, Soujanya co-founded Vazu, which was in the business of mes- saging from desktops to mobile phones. Soujanya also co-founded Tamarind, a profitable company in the business of human performance evaluation. Tamarinds’ key premise is that “your opinion about someone else’s performance is propor- tional to your own performance”. Before Tamarind, Soujanya led business at Panopticon, solving the challenge of online, real-time, intelligent merchandizing. Soujanya and the team grew the business and led the company’s integration into Kana post $108M acquisition.

Soujanya completed his MBA from the University of Chicago after working in the consumer food industry with Pioneer Foods and Nestle. Soujanya has a masters degree in Chemical Engineering and takes special effort to stay extremely close to family and friends.

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